What to Consider When Choosing Your next Dive Computer Watch

Caring for Your Dive Computer

A dive computer watch is now more widely preferred over over scuba diving watches. This is especially true for professional divers. Even newbies are more inclined to use these wrist diving computers. However, there are a significantly extensive number of features, components, and configurations differentiating one diving computer from the other. It quickly becomes confusing to know exactly which dive computer watch you should choose.

Narrow down your options by taking into account your needs as demanded by your particular diving style. Find that one dive computer that will offer you the designs and specifications that are truly necessary to you.Choosing Your next Dive Computer Watch

Ask Yourself These Questions

Do you dive very rarely, say, more on an annual excursion? Are you into scuba diving for purposes of recreation and enjoyment? Then you may want to consider buying a simple and lightweight dive computer watch. It will be easy for you to operate yet can be of great value and make a good companion in your recreational diving. Choose the one with full decompression capacities, and that is compatible with both air and nitrox. Pick just the kind with standard dive computer features you need for your equipment and gear.

Perhaps you are someone who goes out on a scuba diving trip several times within a year? Then you may opt for a diving computer which includes features such as free-dive mode and air integration. These specifications may come in handy and practical for the more frequent diver.

Perhaps you want to train for technical diving or professional diving and are looking to getting a diving computer that is functional and at the same time stylish? Then you may want to go for the kind that is more sophisticated in terms of glass material components and frame composition. Choose the device with more encompassing features which display critical information when diving.

Make Your Device Last: Caring for Your Dive Computer

Caring for Your Dive ComputerBefore you go scuba diving, make sure you check your computer’s battery. You also have to ensure that all buttons are working perfectly. Make sure that the protector screen is intact. Finally, make certain that all metal contacts are in place and undamaged.

After your dive, run fresh water on your dive computer watch to clean it and thoroughly rid it of any salt or any forms of organic residue from the sea. As to the maintenance of the metal and glass parts, you may use a soft-bristled brush from time to time to remove any kinds of dirt buildup from sweat or sunscreen.

Ensure that the wrist band and its fasteners are well-kept.

Get factory recommended services every once in a while. This is for purposes of re-calibration of your dive computer as well as of reevaluation of the function of the device.

Whichever dive computer watches that you are looking for, that you are interested in or that you may be considering actually to buy, our well-informed team at the full-service dive shop of Riverwalk Dive Center will gladly assist you in choosing and purchasing your dive computer.

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